Seed Cycle Completely Changed My Period (Spoiler: My Cramps Are Gone!)

I first came across Seed Cycle about 4 years ago. It was completely accidental and I didn’t give the article much thought since I wasn’t looking for natural period remedies. Because up to a couple of years ago, I though that sucky periods were just a part of my life.

Everything changed when I picked up the book Period Power and finally started understanding my cycle. Believe it or not, I had very little knowledge of my body and my 28-day cycle. I know right? It’s something that happens every month since I was 11 years old and only at 35 does my “cycle enlightenment” happen.

One of my BIGGEST A-HA moments was finding out that my physical and emotional period-related symptoms were not “normal”. Sure it happens to most of us – period cramps, cravings, acne, fatigue, moodiness, headaches. But just because it’s something statistically common, it doesn’t mean that it should be happening.

How crazy is that? Every month, we have an ENTIRE week in which we are feeling like cr*p. And here we are walking around under the assumption that that’s normal and the only way to treat it is to medicate the symptoms or go on birth control.

But that’s FAR from the truth! In reality, our symptoms are a sign that something is off (possibly hormone imbalance) and it’s time to look under the hood. How you experience your period is directly related to your nutrition and lifestyle. When I first realized this, it felt kind of empowered. Because I always believed that I didn’t have a say on my cycle or symptoms. And it turns out that I do!

Seed Cycle To The Rescue

If you google Cycle Syncing, you are going to find countless articles on how to match your nutrition and lifestyle to each phase of your Menstrual Cycle (read more on the Menstrual Cycle phases here). From meal plans focusing on the nutrition needs per phase to workouts and even skincare routines.

But when you’re going from only knowing that getting your period every month kind of sucks, changing your entire routine to cycle syncing can all feel like a bit much. And I also couldn’t help but wonder:
What if this is just another trend? What if I put in all this effort and it doesn’t work?

Seed Cycle made another cameo into my life. And unlike most things I read about cycle syncing, this seemed doable and simple enough:
Take 2 tablespoons of ground flax and pumpkin from days 1-14 of my cycle.
Switch to 2 tablespoons of ground sesame and sunflower seeds from days 15-28 of my cycle.
Repeat monthly.

Since my background is in nutrition, I was 100% on board with adding seeds into my dishes. Because from a nutrition point-of-view, seeds are an absolute micronutrient POWERHOUSE. I knew that my body would appreciate this even if I didn’t get the “period benefits”. So I started to Seed Cycle and this is what happened…

My Seed Cycle DIary

Month 1

If I’m being completely honest, during the first month I didn’t see much change. Especially since I was not someone that previously had any digestive issues, like constipation. But I knew that balancing my hormones was not going to happen overnight, so I persisted.
A little Nutrinut side note, if you are not regular, seeds are a great way to give your body a fiber boost and help you go. Don’t forget to up the water too, or it can backfire.

Month 2

The pre-period spotting didn’t happen – my period kind of just started. Usually I have 3-4 days before my period playing Russian roulette with my underwear – Is it officially starting? Do I put a pad on today? It was annoying and wasteful and unpredictable. But for the first time, I felt more in control of things. Was it a coincidence though?

Month 3

I once again enjoyed the beautiful benefits of no spotting pre-period. But something even better happened. For the first time ever, my period arrived cramp-free (enter mind-blown emoji).
Having your period will never feel comfortable. You’re bleeding after all and that will always come with feeling a little tired, more inward, and fearing for dear life that it will leak. But there’s something so magical about not being in any pain. It felt foreign and amazing at the same time.

Month 4

When my period arrived in a smooth way once again, I knew that it was no longer a coincidence. Seed cycling was really helping me experience better periods and it felt so EMPOWERING!
This month I traveled to my home country Brazil and didn’t seed cycle for over 2 weeks.

Month 5

My period came with a vengeance. I spotted for about 4 days before and experienced a much heavier flow. But I started regularly seed cycling once again.
Not only did I not seed cycle for more than half of the previous month, but I was on vacation and my nutrition was also very different. I know that this also played a role here.

Month 6 – Current

I’m once again regular with a normal flow, cramp-free, and no more pre-period spotting for the most part.
I wanted to add the previous 2 months to show that what you do on the previous month affects how you experience your next cycle. But also remember that one meal or a day of seed cycle won’t make or break you. So don’t stress it. Just always keep showing up for your body.

Ready to see for yourself how Seed Cycling can help you experience better periods? Order The Nutrinut Seed Cycle Kit today and start giving your body and hormones a little TLC!

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