Seed Cycle Kit

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Includes 1 Month Supply of

  • Phase 1 Seed Blend: Freshly Ground Golden Flaxseed + Pumpkin Seeds
  • Phase 2 Seed Blend: Freshly Ground Unhulled Sesame Seeds + Sunflower Seeds

BONUS: Seed Cycle Tracker

All seeds used are certified organic, non-GMO, and raw. They are also naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Seeds are freshly ground in small batches and will arrive in a compostable stand-up pouch.

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Seed Cycling in 3 Steps:

  1. Check what phase you are in your cycle.
    Phase 1 is from day 1 of your period up until ovulation (typically day 14 of a 28-day cycle).
    Phase 2 is from ovulation up until before your period starts again.
  2. Add 2 TBSP daily of the seed blend corresponding to the phase you are in into any meal.
  3. Repeat every cycle.

About Seed Cycling*

Seed cycling is a simple, food-based way of supporting every phase of your menstrual cycle. By rotating the different seed blends, it naturally provides vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support your hormones.

Phase 1 supports the first half of your menstrual cycle – the follicular phase and the goal is to help balance estrogen.
Phase 2 focuses on supporting the second half of your cycle – the luteal phase, and is designed to help balance progesterone.

Best results may be observed after Seed Cycling for at least 3 months.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person.

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We currently only ship in the United States.
From time of shipment, it usually takes 1-5 business days to arrive.

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6 reviews for Seed Cycle Kit

  1. Sheena

    I love how they’re packaged and all mixed ready to be used. These make seed cycling so much easier.

  2. Sarah

    Fantastic product, fast shipping, and I love how it’s in eco friendly packaging!!

  3. Bruna Oliveira

    Seed cycling became part of my day 😊 my
    PMS symptoms can sometimes take the best of me, but I feel seed cycling gives my body the care it needs to feel more in balance. It taste delicious, and I can add it to either my morning smoothies or omelettes.

  4. Fadoua

    First of all, I was very impressed with how quickly I received my order and how neatly and nicely it was packaged. secondly, I love how I can eaily add it to my meals. it’s a great addition to an omlette, oatmeal, chia seed pudding, fruit bowl, salad, or anything you like. It’s so versatile, tastes delish, and so good for our bodies.

  5. Ruth @veganishvegetarian

    As someone who loves “sneaking” in extra nutrients into everyday foods (especially for my toddler) these seeds are easy to integrate and enjoy on a daily basis. They’re good for everyone, but just women. Like Raisa says, the daily dose is like taking a vitamin every day and then watching the results through time. I love adding these to smoothies, sauces, bake goods and parfaits, just to name a few things. Give them a try! Great for those looking for extra fiber and protein. Better yet, helpful with hormone balance. They’re also affordable for the quality and quantity.

  6. Ebonie

    DO NOT HESITATE TO ADD THIS TO YOUR CART AND PURCHASE IT! Lets start with shipping, I placed my order and received it literally within 2-3 days. Shipping was very quick and easy. THE PACKAGING! I have no aversion to purchasing products with luxurious packaging and I truly believe that the way products are packaged impacts your overall experience of the product. The amount of detail that went into every ounce of this packaging is truly beyond words. It made me feel special, cared for, and thought of. It was truly an experience, from the package tape to the box and the thank you card that was included. Upon opening the box I immediately saw that the product labels matched the packaging tape (LOVED THIS BECAUSE IT SHOWS THE THOUGHTFULNESS THAT WENT INTO IT), and the box itself on the inside had “The Nutrinut” logo printed on the inside (ALSO LOVED THIS, IT GIVES THE PERSONAL TOUCH THAT LUXURY STORES PROVIDE). And finally, there is a sheet inside the box that you can use to track your cycle and check of the days as you go (AGAIN, SOOOOO THOUGHTFUL!). THE PRODUCT! Delicious, chefs kiss! I’ve added it literally to my salads, smoothies, parfaits, and basically everything I eat. It’s great to have 1 product that I can add to anything I eat and I know it’s good for me and will help me manage my monthly gift 🙂 ADD TO YOUR CART NOWWWW!!

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