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Are you tired of dieting but don’t know how to make HEALTHY + EATING work together?

Well, you are definitely in the right place!

Hey there! My name is Raisa (aka The Nutrinut).

I’m a nutritionist and health coach and am here to make wellness and healthy eating for busy on-the-goers such as yourself easy breezy and most importantly in a way that works for you!

I invite you to break up with that toxic relationship you’ve been having with dieting and food and start embracing food as a way of nourishment!


Meal Prep Like A Boss

A 1-hour session to explore:

-How to efficiently plan your meals for the week.
-Grocery shop to set you up for success.
-How to get organized.
-Get all the hacks and tools that I personally use when batch cooking to make your time in the kitchen enjoyable (and quick).
-Easy and delicious ways to cook your meals for the week.

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I'm Ready To Master Meal Prepping!

Break Up with Dieting

A 12-week program designed to help you come down from the dieting hamster wheel and embrace nutrition and food as nourishment and fuel for your body.

The NEW and BEST diet, is the one that works for your body and lifestyle and that is where this program will get you. Say goodbye to counting calories, stressing over food and feelings of guilt that you have been carrying over the years.

Say hello to this new way of eating. One that feels and looks good on you!

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Buh Bye Dieting Life!

Nutrition & Lifestyle Transformation

A 20-week program that focuses on:

1. What and how you eat
2. Your relationship with food
3. The quality of your sleep
4. How often you move and exercise
5. Your stress levels and coping mechanism

This program was designed to give you all the support and accountability for a complete lifestyle reset and transformation!

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Let The Transformation Begin...