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Our relationship with food can be much like that of a romantic partner. It can be loving, nourishing, accepting, kind; or it can be tense, toxic, and filled with guilt and resentment. It’s up to us to decide which one we want in our lives.

Like in any relationship, whether with ourselves, a partner, or food there needs to be mindfulness, connection, and balance.

And that’s where I come in. I want to help you find that sweet spot so you can have the best relationship with food and yourself. And it all begins in your kitchen.

My goal with you is to help you break up with the diet and embrace a new way of eating!

Self-Care Begins in the Kitchen

There’s no better way of treating yourself right, than by giving your body the finest nutrition possible. And that all begins in the kitchen.

Cooking is a form of connecting with the source that provides your body with all the nutrients you need to not only survive, but live well. It is also making the connection between what you eat and how you feel. And cooking brings you full circle with nature and its healing properties and abilities. Because food is not only fuel. It can also be information and medicine for our bodies.

I invite you to break up with that toxic relationship you’ve been having with dieting and food and start embracing cooking as your self-care.

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The Nutrinut Philosophy

Eat Well

What it means: Eating in an enjoyable and diet-free way while giving our bodies all the right nutrients.

Live Fully

What it means: Enjoying every single day and seeing gratitude in our daily lessons and blessings.

Love Endlessly

What it means: Living with love and harmony with ourselves, those around us, and nature.

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Raisa Cavalcante, MS

Nutritionist, Home Cook & Founder of The Nutrinut

Raisa is originally from Brazil and her true passion and heart live in wellness. Especially when it comes to nutrition and everything food related. Her journey brought her to pursuing a Bachelors and Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Raisa started The Nutrinut to put into practice (and share) her philosophy to eat well, live fully, and love endlessly. Her main focus is to help you get back into the kitchen to reconnect with food and your body. Because self-care begins in the kitchen!