The Nutrinut Seed Cycle Kit

Don’t let
Period Cramps
cramp your style

Give your hormones love & care,
the natural and food-based way.
Start your Seed Cycling journey today!

Discover the Power of Your Cycle with a delicious, food-based approach.
Because you DON’T have to struggle with symptoms from your period EVERY month.

The Nutrinut Seed Cycle Kit

Seed Cycle

Unlock the potential of your menstrual cycle with our carefully curated seed cycle kits. Specially designed to align with your body’s natural rhythm, these kits provide the nutrients your body needs during each phase of your cycle.

Goddess Tea by The Nutrinut


Indulge in our selection of hormone-balancing teas crafted from the finest organic ingredients. Each blend is thoughtfully created to support your well-being, from easing PMS symptoms to promoting overall hormonal balance.


Dive into our blog for insightful articles, tips, and resources on period empowerment, women’s health, and sustainable living. Stay informed and inspired as we explore the intersection of nutrition, wellness, and sustainability.

Seed Cycle Kit

How To Seed Cycle

Periods don’t have to suck!

That time of the month doesn’t have to be about painful cramps, moody rollercoasters, “unbuttoned pants” type of bloat, or even the time to cover-up pimples. And nutrition is key for a smooth and healthy period.

Seed cycling is a simple, food-based way of supporting every phase of your menstrual cycle. By rotating different seed blends, seed cycling naturally provides vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support your hormones and full cycle.

Here’s a quick 3-step guide to seed cycling.

How to Seed Cycle

About The Nutrinut

Raisa Cavalcante - The Nutrinut

Made by Nutritionist

Hey there! I’m Raisa, nutritionist and founder of The Nutrinut. Originally from beautiful Brazil, I now call home sunny Florida.

As a nutritionist for over 10 years, my journey has been shaped by a profound love and connection to nature and an unyielding belief in the incredible healing properties of food.

The Nutrinut is not just a brand for me; it’s a reflection of my commitment to a holistic approach to well-being. Inspired by my love for nutrition, I’ve created products that nourish both the body and the soul – in a way that is also in harmony with nature.

Join me on this empowering journey, where we embrace the natural rhythms of our bodies and celebrate the incredible synergy between food and balance.

Raisa (The Nutrinut)

Sustainability is our thing…

At The Nutrinut, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint, starting with our packaging. Our Seed Cycle Kits comes in certified compostable packaging since we know that “recyclable” is just not enough.

When it comes to sourcing, we looked for the finest organic ingredients because we believe in the power of nature to nourish and heal.

And we can’t talk about sustainability without addressing shipping. We’ve embraced a minimal packaging approach to further reduce waste. Because single use anything is not great for Mother Earth.

This is our way of aligning with our dedication to both your well-being and the well-being of our precious Earth.

Join us on this eco-friendly journey, where every choice you make contributes to a sustainable, greener future!

Seed Cycle Kit



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