Selene Moon Milk (Anti-Inflammatory)



🌱 Certified organic and vegan.
Anti-inflammatory + soothing benefits in every sip.
Delicious spice blend with digestive support.
Comes in compostable packaging. 🌎
☕ Perfect for  unwinding from the day.

28 Servings
Just Add Milk!

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Selene is a delicious and calming anti-inflammatory moon milk.

Picture this: a cozy evening wrapped in a blanket, a warm cup of Selene cradled in your hands, guiding you towards a relaxing moment of pure bliss – unwinding after another day.

Selene isn’t just your ordinary drink; it’s a blend crafted with care, combining simple, certified organic ingredients to pamper your body and soul. A flavorful and nourishing experience with each sip. Not only do these ingredients tantalize your taste buds, but they also work wonders in soothing inflammation and promoting overall wellness.

But wait, there’s more! Selene isn’t just good for you; it’s good for Mother Earth too. We’ve wrapped this enchanting elixir in eco-friendly, compostable packaging, so you can sip guilt-free, knowing you’re taking care of our planet.

So, whether you’re unwinding after a hectic day or craving a moment of self-care, let Selene be your guiding light. Elevate your me-time and bask in the glow of pure serenity with every sip.


Ingredients: Coconut Sugar, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Clove, Black Pepper (all certified organic)
Net Weight: 6.3 oz
Yields: 28 Servings
Packaging: Compostable, eco-friendly stand-up pouch
Handcrafted with love and in small batches
Promotes anti-inflammatory, digestive, and overall wellness benefits

Are you ready to embrace the magic of Selene? Add a touch of celestial beauty to your routine and let your inner goddess shine brighter than ever before. Treat yourself today! 🌙✨

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Selene Moon Milk Anti-Inflammatory Latte MixSelene Moon Milk (Anti-Inflammatory)
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