The Nutrinut Mantras

What are The Nutrinut Mantras, you might be wondering.

Do you remember the last time that you were going through a tough time? And out of nowhere the universe sends you a phrase, either through a billboard, a book, or even a friend, that just changes everything! You keep that phrase with you at all times, as it gets you through all your toughest moments. That, my dear friends, is what the Nutrinut Mantras are all about. A phrase to keep close to heart, with a cheesy nutrition spin ;).

The Nutrinut Mantras were created to help remind us that we are worthy of love, happiness, and good vibes! They are also meant to bring a huge smile to your beautiful/handsome face!

There are a total of 5 and here’s what each one means to me:

1) Always Bee+Leaf in yourself!

Starting your own business is a lot more work than it seems. It takes stamina, determination, strong belief in self/cause, and passion! What I also didn’t know is that it sometimes comes with the feeling of being completely alone in your journey. Almost like being in a tiny little raft in the middle of the big blue ocean, trying to find your way.

I confess that there have been times where I wanted to just give up. I would ask myself, if there are so many nutrition coaches out there, how am I any different?

I have learned that when you are having one of those negative moments, it is time to take a step back and center myself. That’s what I did. Before I knew it, Nutrinut Mantras started popping into my head. Just like that, a fire was lit inside of me once again! It gave me the strength to listen to my gut and block out the voice of fear and self-doubt. After all, they say if you are not afraid of your dream, then you are dreaming small, right?

That’s what this Nutrinut Mantra means to me. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or if you don’t have anyone else excited about your ideas. Always bee+leaf in yourself! Keep pushing. Keep dreaming big!

2) Take Thyme to do what makes your souls sing!

Remember the last time you did something for yourself? How about the last time you did something you love doing? When I actually stopped to think about it, the fact that I couldn’t really remember terrified me.

It had been so long that I honestly didn’t even really know what I liked to do anymore. So I asked myself, what brings me joy or makes my soul sing?

Here are some of mine:
-Dance around the house like no one is watching
-Read a good book (preferably outdoors)
-Go biking on the beach while listening to some awesome song
-Catch up with my girlfriends in a cafe
-Go to the movies (I LOVE romantic comedies)

I can’t say that I have perfected this yet, but working on doing things that make me happy is coming back to the top of my list of to-do’s.

I invite you to also rediscover what you like to do . Take Thyme to do what makes your soul sing!

3) Turnip your inner sparkle

Do you find yourself being afraid to stand out? Comparing yourself to others? Does it seem easier to just blend in and be like everyone else?

That’s Ok! I feel we all have had (and still have) those moments. But you are not like anybody else. You are unique. And that is a great thing! I think that Dr. Seuss says it best: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

So Turnip your inner sparkle. Embrace everything about you. And let your colors shine bright!

4) Don’t let anyone Kale your vibes

I am someone who has struggled with taking criticism. Granted, many times it’s not given in the most constructive way. But the acceptance part, hasn’t come easy at all. I would quickly take people’s feedback as negative and let it put out the little fire of passion on my projects. Something I have learned from that is that feedback is just feedback. It’s just someone else’s opinion. Sometimes you’ll get good feedback and it will feel great! Other times you might get harshly criticized. But it’s up to you to take what serves you and leave the rest. Don’t let anyone’s comments or actions Kale your good + positive vibes.

5) And now, Lettuce brunch!

I love brunch and everything it represents:
-Sleeping in a little longer
-Feeling calm and relaxed (because it’s the weekend!!!!!!!)
-And fully enjoying my eggs with avocado toast accompanied by a delicious cappuccino.

So yes, my last Nutrinut Mantra is most definitely about brunch ;).

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