Productivity and The Menstrual Cycle

Productivity and the Menstrual Cycle

Do you find yourself always trying new ways to optimize your productivity? There are so many books and gurus promising us that if we follow their flawless method, we will become the queens of productivity. And when “being productive” is so strongly linked to adulting successfully, how can we not wish to be our most productive selves?

But have you stopped to think that maybe productivity looks very very different throughout your Menstrual Cycle?

It’s not fair (especially to ourselves) to expect our body and mind to perform in the same way every week. Because remember, our hormones are fluctuating throughout our Menstrual Cycle. And these changes also happen to affect our biological systems. From our metabolism, to our immune system, and even our brain. Think energy levels, creativity, concentration – all of it changes throughout your 28-day clock.

What Productivity Looks Like In Your Menstrual Cycle

I confess that this way of looking at productivity is quite new to me as well since I’m not immune to society’s expectations and version of success. After becoming more aware of my body and embracing my entire cycle, I learned something very important. Every phase comes with its own sets of strengths and superpowers.

So let’s see how we can redefine productivity, in a cyclical way instead of linear.

Menstrual Phase (Your Cycle’s Winter)

I know what you’re thinking: What could possibly be productive about being on your period?

We can’t very well go into our menstrual phase with expectations of crushing our list of to-do’s. It’s not realistic and this way of thinking is what makes so many of us feel like we’re constantly failing. But there’s a different type of productivity and that’s the one FOR your body and soul.

Your body is going through a lot when you bleed. Your hormones are at their lowest and your are shedding the lining of the uterus. So yes, you will feel more tired and turned inward. And more sensitive…

What you might not have known is that your sensitivity is not a weakness but your superpower. During these days you are more likely to be aware and in tune with your wishes and desires. It’s a great opportunity to listen to your soul’s true self. Pretty neat, right?

When your period arrives, find the courage to listen, rest, and connect with yourself. There’s no shame in:
-canceling plans
-saying “no thanks” when you’re not feeling it
-taking naps when you have to

It’s all about really respecting your boundaries.

Menstrual Phase Productivity –> resting, slowing down, enjoying quiet and cozy spaces, doing things that fill your cup, listen to what moves and sparks that inner fire.

Follicular Phase (Your Cycle’s Spring)

The goal of your cycle will always revolve around procreation. If you keep that in mind, the phases and energy shifts will always make SO MUCH SENSE.

Once your cycle’s winter (aka your period) is over, you might initially feel a little tired. Your body may even need a little nutrition love to help it bounce back. But soon enough, you’ll notice your energy levels going up.

For this phase, we are hitting the refresh button and giving another go at the entire conceiving thing – making you more likely to feel outgoing and energized!

Why is that?

Well, so that you can meet your potential mate 😉 . If you are at home in your PJs binging on Netflix, things just won’t happen, will they? You need to be out and about – feeling confident – strutting your stuff.

Which makes this phase PERFECT to take on new projects and go on adventures 🤸‍♀️ . Because you are feeling ready to take the leap and nothing’s going to stop you! So dream BIG!

Winter was about canceling plans and hibernating. Spring is about “waking up”. Fill up that calendar with all the things you always said you wanted to try.

Follicular Phase Productivity –> planning, brainstorming, and strategizing.

Ovulatory Phase (Your Cycle’s Summer)

This is the time when you are on fire and when you are the most attractive. And I don’t mean in terms of looks. Although some research shows that you are more likely to make more of an effort in your physical appearance during this phase. But what I mean is that you are just magnetic

—> In fact, listen to the song “Magnetic Woman” by Eerie Wanda 🎵. You will thank me later.

This season is PURE MAGIC! You’re energetic, confident, and feeling invincible. So go get it! Launch your business, meet new people, ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT.

Ovulatory Phase Productivity –> getting together with friends, meeting new people, launching projects, trying new things, collaborating with others.

Luteal Phase (Your Cycle’s Fall)

The luteal phase is the second half of your menstrual cycle. It begins right after ovulation and ends when your next period starts. Unless the egg is fertilized of course, in which case you will not be seeing your period for a few months ;).

After experiencing all the adventures & socializing during spring and summer, it is now time to start slowing down. Kind of like when you come back from vacation and could use a vacation from your vacation. It was fun and all, but you’re tired! Plus there’s all the unpacking, laundry, and clean-up to do.

During this phase there’s a bit of a hormone rollercoaster. In the beginning of your luteal phase you might still feel energetic and riding your summer rush – but will soon enough start transitioning into fall.

What I love about this phase is that you become more perceptive and detail oriented. It’s a great time to declutter all aspects of your life, and not just in the house. And you know all those tedious tasks you were dreading-like your taxes? Well, you my dear are about to crush it in this department.

Luteal Phase Productivity –> getting organized, wrapping things up, ticking off items in your to-do, decluttering.

A little side note – we can’t talk about Luteal Phase without also addressing PMS. Being too sensitive, too tired, in too much pain, annoyed at the world. Many women can experience a very intense and debilitating form of PMS.

But let me share 3 things to keep in mind:

  1. This phase has a lot more to offer than suffering.
  2. What some call too sensitive, I call information – listen to what’s bothering you + how you’re feeling.
  3. Your nutrition and lifestyle can actually contribute A LOT to how you feel before, during, and after your period.

Embracing Your Cycle When It Comes To Productivity

If you take one thing from this post, let it be this – remember to always be kind to yourself and your body. Sometimes we’re asking things of it that is not the right time to ask for.

—> Instead, listen to what your body is telling you and allow that to be your guide of when it’s time to crush goals and when it’s time to rest.

Do you take your Menstrual Cycle into consideration when writing down your daily list of to-dos?

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