Confessions of The Nutrinut

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt uncomfortable in my body. Feeling like I should always be going on some sort of restriction to finally get the body that I am supposed/expected to have. 

And believe me, it didn’t get any easier being a nutritionist. The judgement and pressure of having to justify to others everything I eat multiplied by 1,000.

Here’s the truth, I am very blessed to have found my path and passion in this world: nutrition and wellness. And what’s not to love about it? Here is where I learned about food and nutrients that help me feel amazing! It’s also where I finally turned my interest and curiosity  to cooking foods from scratch. Which I’ve always believed to be the key to healthy eating.

But as I learned more and more about nutrition, I started to realize something. My profession kind of  makes me focus on food all day, every day, which in a way makes me susceptible to developing a slight obsession with what I eat. It also comes with unrealistic expectations from others. Especially when it comes to friends and family. People expect you to look a certain way and be perfect!

It’s the classic case of expectation vs reality. But nutritionists are real people. And I am as real as it gets:

  1. I crave sweets as much as the next gal.
  2. When I’m stressed, often times meditation/mindfulness will not save me from stress-eating.
  3. I still find myself seeking comfort/reward in food. Especially chocolate.
  4. I have to work hard to not jump on some trendy diet when the insecurities hit me.
  5. And I always have to remind myself that I will never be a size zero. In fact, I am a terrific ten and that’s OK!

Basically my clients and I share very similar experiences when it comes to food and relationship with self. The difference is that I am always applying the tools that I’ve acquired during my nutrition training and personal experiences.

Is it frustrating to still have the sweet cravings?

Yes and no.

To be honest, experiencing this is exactly what makes me relate to every single one of my clients. And it’s why I am so passionate about mindfulness and connecting with our bodies.

I learned that the only opinion about me that really matters and counts is my own. Because every decision I make, I am the one that has to live with it. Although I am focusing on nutrition, this applies to everything you do in life.

So I’ve given you enough time to test the waters with the entire New Year’s Resolution. Are you ready to join me in dropping all the B.S. background noise on what is trendy or what diet you should be on?

Are you ready to focus on you? To connect with your body and to enter in the best freaking relationship with food and yourself?


Then you are ready to join the FB Group Break Up With Dieting. This closed group is a safe space for you to feel supported in your wellness journey. It’s an invitation to join the rebellion. Let’s together rebel against the dieting culture. Because you deserve better! You deserve to feel amazing. You deserve to see food as a delicious way to give your body nutrients. Remember, food is not the enemy. This is the place for you to be you!

So what are you waiting for? Come say hello and tell me what is your absolute favorite food in this entire world!

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