I switched to shampoo bars for a month and this is what I found

I’ve been wanting to try shampoo bars for quite some time.

Like many of us looking to be more Eco-friendly, I end up feeling a great sense of responsibility (and guilt) for the amount of plastic that we put out into the environment. We are polluting our oceans and harming the animals more and more each day. Although there are great initiatives out there, such as 4Ocean and The Ocean Cleanup that are working towards cleaning the ocean, we are still far from where we should be.

The more I paid attention to everything I used that came in a plastic container, the more it stressed me out. Some of the main offenders were: plastic bags and water bottles, straws, and beauty products.

I now take my own bags to the supermarket, drink from my reusable water bottle, and always make sure to refuse the infamous straw. But when it came to beauty products, it was not that simple.

Shower gels were an easy swap to soap bars. But shampoo? Oh boy, that is an entirely different beast! I have extremely sensitive scalp that flares up easily. Plus, my hair is curly with a high chance of frizz every chance it gets. What can I say? I love my tresses but they do have a mind of their own. So finding a shampoo that works for me is already a mission.

Can I be green and plastic-free and still properly take care of my tresses? Let’s find out!

Finding the right shampoo bar

First thing’s first. I had to find a shampoo bar that I trusted enough to explore with. I had a few different brand alternatives, but decided to go with Lush. I went with them because first, I can physically go to a store and see, touch, and smell the bar. Hello mindfulness! Also, I like that they have a variety of different shampoo bar options for different hair types. They have bars to nourish hair, stimulate hair growth, cleanse the scalp, help with frizz. You name it. I chose their Honey I Washed My Hair.

One month later…

After using it for a month, here are my scores per category

How’s the price?
Score: 7/10
When it comes to price, I give this shampoo bar a 7 because it was on the pricier end compared to a general store-bought liquid shampoo. Each bar is a little over $10 and they look kind of small. But keep reading!

Does it lather well?
Score: 10/10
All I can say is wow! It was a lot better than I expected. A little goes a long way and keep in mind I have a lot of hair and it is on long end.

Does my hair feel clean?
Score: 9/10
A big concern that I had with making the switch is if my hair would feel clean. Rest assured this did a pretty good job. I wash my hair every other day and it holds nicely. Even though my hair tends to be on the oilier side. So I was impressed.

Does the bar last?
Score: 10/10
It sure does! I am completing a month and the bar looks almost like the original size I bought it. So taking this into consideration, the price is not bad at all.

Does it help with frizz/hydration?
Score: 8/10
I would say it did a pretty good job in keeping my hair from frizzing out of the normal. I do live in humid Miami, Florida though. So a little frizz is to be expected!

Shampoo Bar Final Score: A solid 8.8!

I will definitely be adopting shampoo bars into my beauty routine and ditch the shampoo bottles. This little experiment showed me that YES, I can have the best of both worlds – clean/shiny tresses while being green/plastic-free!

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