How to Master Meal Prepping – Part 1

October 16, 2018

For this blog post series, I want to teach you how to master meal prepping.

I’ll be sharing with you everything I learned (and personally do) so you can implement this into your routine smoothly and in a painless way. Since there is so much to share, I’ll be breaking down my tips into 2 posts. Part 1 will be more about the pre-cooking phase.

You might have heard me say multiple times that the key to a successful healthy eating week, is being prepared. And that includes the following:

  • Grocery shopping for the week
  • Meal prep your main meals
  • Avoid having temptation in the house

I am someone that really gets bored of doing the same thing every time. Because of this, I like to rotate my supermarkets. This helps keep the excitement and adventure factor in my weekly grocery shopping trips. And it also allows me to get different types of foods every week. For example, my local Target has some great tea options, nut butters, and gluten-free wraps. When it comes to Trader Joe’s on the other hand, I can explore with different seasonal fruits and veggies. They also have a great selection of frozen veggies that I tend to stock up on for when I need to make quick meals. Costco is for buying my bulk items, like the fruits for my morning smoothies, greens for my salads, and my fish. 

So if you are like me, add a little variety to your routine and make it interesting. By switching up your markets, you avoid falling into a funk when planning your meals. You also get to try different foods and find inspiration in different places. I’m all for keeping it fun, fresh, and exciting.

Now, let’s go over a few different ways that you can approach meal prepping.

In the past, I tried doing things “the right/logical way”. This meant the following:

  1. Planning your menu for the week
  2. Making a list of everything that goes into the recipes that you need to buy
  3. Buying all items that go
  4. Cook

Although that seems like the most logical way of doing things, to be honest it ended up giving me more anxiety. Why? Because I would put all this pressure on myself to develop the perfect menu every week. Like I mentioned above, I hate doing the same thing every time. So I easily get bored with eating the same thing every week. Which meant that my Saturday mornings would consist of me stressing over what recipes to make. And I could only go do my groceries and cook after figuring this part out. I would browse for hours all of my cookbooks to try to find something new and my entire weekend would be over before it even begun.

The reason why I am sharing this with you, is because this method (although the most logical one) was simply not working for me. I like to create as I go. And this process was making me dread weekends and meal prepping. So instead, I found what worked for me. And this meant letting go of the most logical way of doing things. Instead, I let my creative juices take over. This is what my pre meal prepping process looks like.

First, I go to the supermarket. I let the veggies and foods in general kind of do the talking for me. It is actually a beautiful and mindful experience when you can just let go and let yourself be guided. Whatever catches my eye, is fresh, and seasonal is what I get to cook with. What I love about doing this part first, is that you get to take advantage of what you find, instead of stressing over what you can’t find. Because let’s be real here. Who hasn’t tried following a recipe step-by-step, only to not find the right ingredients in your local store? Also, typically what will be on sale while still looking amazing, will be your seasonal produce. So let the veggies guide you. And yes, I am completely having a Star Wars moment, but instead of The Force, it’s The Veggies. Perhaps The Veggies and The Force are even one! Mind = Blown.

If you don’t feel comfortable yet with this, don’t worry or stress over it. It is perfectly fine to start by first finding your recipes and then hitting the supermarket. You will eventually get the confidence to embrace the freedom and let what catches your eye at the store guide you. And a little side note, I do mean that the fruits and veggies and other fresh food will guide you and not the chips and salsa aisle. 😉

In Part 2, we will go over how to be efficient when it comes to cooking your meals.



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Tidbits From The Week

July 18, 2018

Making the most out of our morning routine

What does your morning look like? Do you stay in bed until the last possible second or are you an early bird? 
Here’s another important question. Do you do something that makes you feel good and happy before you go to work? Here’s a little Nutrinut tip to help you start your morning on a happy note:
Do a little something special for you every morning. Especially when you are feeling super grumpy. That’s when you need it the most!
And if you are wondering what does this even have to do with nutrition, I’ve got your answer. As you know, I am madly in love with the topic emotional eating. So naturally my reply will go in that direction. When we are sad, angry, tired, annoyed, we are more likely to search for something to compensate for our mood. Many many times, that something is food. Sugary, starchy, and processed foods. 
So you see, it’s in your best interest to invest in your mood and emotions. And why not start in the morning!
What’s my little happy morning secret? Music…especially the ones that make me dance. And what’s currently my morning cup of coffee music? The movie Coco has the most perfect soundtrack. I am particularly in love with Proud Corazon and Un Poco Loco. I mentally dance (yes, that is totally a thing) to that all day! 
What are some of your morning jams?

How to determine if something is healthy or not

One of the main questions that I get asked by clients about food is “Is this healthy?”.
And that is never a yes or no answer. My reply and what I want you to ask yourself every time is:

Compared to what?

The perfect example is juice. Is drinking juice healthy? Well, what are we comparing it to? Soda or water? If we are talking about soda, then YES. Fresh juice is definitely healthier because it comes from nature and contains loads of vitamins. Whereas soda does absolutely nothing for you or your body.
But if we are comparing juice to water then I would vote for water. Although juice has great nutrients, it’s also quite high in sugar. So I say drink water and eat your fruits instead!
It’s always important to put things into perspective. Like everything in life, nutrition is not so black and white. So don’t forget to ask yourself: what am I comparing it to? This will always help you make the better choice from what’s available to you at the moment.

Bringing back balance into your food choices

Finding balance in all aspects of wellness is my main priority when it comes to my health and my clients. That includes finding balance in foods. I often have to ask myself “Is this meal getting me closer to rocking this day?”. And I am not only talking about feeling good in my skinny jeans. But is it helping me thrive on my day-to-day.
Have you noticed that when you eat well for days on, and then decide to have that one donut at the office, you just completely bloat, feel like cr*p, and let’s not forget the guilt? We know that this is going to happen but we still do it! Somehow, sometimes that is just not enough to stop us from diving into  the so called “bad foods”.
When we cave into our cravings, there’s usually a reason behind it. Stress, fatigue, sadness. Binging on foods is like impulse purchases. It’s definitely not the fact that we need to shop or in this case that we are hungry. It’s a way of coping with an emotion or situation that we haven’t quite figured out how to deal with yet. So we turn to food or shopping.
Which is why I want you to practice this exercise. Whenever you feel that loss of control over food, ask yourself the following question: Why do I want this?
Believe me when I say that that one reflective second, will actually many times help you snap out of it. And that’s all you need. A sweet moment to reflect and calmly make a decision. To bring you back to balance.

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Eat Well

Learning to Nourish Your Body the Right Way

February 23, 2017

Every day we  have the chance to nourish our bodies the right way. It’s incredible how our bodies have the ability to recover on a daily basis. All we have to do is give it the right tools, the right nutrients. And what does that mean? It comes down to making the right food choices. Not only about whether something has too many calories or if it will end up in little extra love handles.

There’s a lot more to picking the right meals and snacks than calories. As a matter of fact, I’ll go as far as to tell you that calories really don’t matter at all. Think about it, a dish rich in avocados will have a high amount of calories and could even be as high as a burger. But we can’t see them that same way. When it comes to calories, the comparison between foods is not an apples to apples situation. Which is why calories should not be the main criteria. Instead, here’s an easy guide on what to look for when making food choices.

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