Episode 05: Ashley Tracey

Ashley Tracey is an astrologer and empowerment coach based in Denver, Colorado. She's a passionate and empathetic soul whose life purpose is to help others live at their highest potential. She works with clients around the world to empower wholistic well-being, expand consciousness and activate purposeful living through soul-centered astrology and coaching.

You can follow and contact Ashley at:

www.ashleytracey.com and IG: ashleytracey_soul_centered 

Episode 04: Carolina Servigna


For this episode, I welcome my good friend Carolina. She shares how she’s been able to stay motivated on her fitness and wellness journey for 7 years, while also starting her own T-shirt company Going ApeShirt.


Episode 03: Emma Ashford


If you are having trouble sleeping, I have two things to tell you. 

1) You are not alone; 

2) You are in for a treat! 

For this episode, insomnia and sleep specialist Emma Ashford, shares with me her amazing knowledge and years of experience. You'll understand why you aren't sleeping, the difference between having trouble sleeping and insomnia, and what you can do about it! Join Emma on her 6-week course to get the much dreamed of and needed sleep reset right here: Total Sleep Reset 


Episode 02: Bridie Apple



For this episode, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Bridie, a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist, and entrepreneur.

Bridie shares what Ayurveda is and how you use this traditional Indian way of medicine and healing to bring back balance to your body, mind, and life!

You can learn more about Bridie and her work at:  https://bridieapple.com/

Episode 01

What to Look For in The Food Label

In an ideal world we will always eat fresh and homemade. But in the real world, sometimes we have to buy food that comes in a package. So these are my main tips on how to make sure you make the best decision for your body!