Work With Me


Our relationship with food can, at times, be much like being involved with a romantic partner. It can be loving, nourishing, accepting, kind; or it can be tense, toxic, and filled with guilt and resentment.

It’s up to us to decide which one we want in our lives. Like in any relationship, whether with ourselves, a partner, or food there needs to be awareness, mindfulness, and balance.

And that’s where I, The Nutrinut, come in as your nutrition coach. I want to help you find that sweet spot so you can have the best relationship with food and yourself. Call me a nutrition matchmaker of sorts!

In our coaching session, I will be your guide and support to help you break up with dieting and binges, while embracing a new way of eating. You’ll master techniques that I have used for years not only with my clients but also personally. On our sessions, we will focus on everything wellness which includes:

-How and what you eat

-The quality of your sleep

-Learning to honor your body with movement

-Techniques to take care of stress and the mind

My ultimate goal with you is to get you walking on the path to a healthy, happy, and committed relationship with yourself. Because that's what wellness and being healthy is all about.


-Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching: Pick from our Individual package (one 1-h session) or our Month package (two 1-h sessions and a follow-up) to start your nutrition and lifestyle journey.

-Meal Prep Like a Boss: Your personalized plan to meal prepping with ease in a way that works for your body and your lifestyle.

-Break Up With Dieting: Everything you need to know about breaking up with the diet and embracing food as a way of nourishment and self-care.


How and what you eat has a direct connection not only with whether you gain or lose weight, but also:

-Your energy levels

-Getting glowing skin & shiny hair

-Your overall mood

-How well you sleep

-Overall hormone health

-Your immune system

-And everything related to inflammation -- joint, gastrointestinal...