Cycle Balance Quiz

Welcome to your Cycle Balance Quiz

Answer the following questions to assess potential hormone imbalances related to your menstrual cycle. Remember, this quiz is for educational and awareness purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice.

Once completed, count the number of each letter you selected. Here's how to interpret your results:

Mostly A's: Your menstrual cycle seems pretty balanced!
Mostly B's: It's possible you might have a hormone imbalance. Consider consulting a healthcare professional.
Mostly C's: You might want to check in with a healthcare professional to discuss your menstrual cycle further.

Remember, this quiz not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Which phrase best describes your menstrual cycle?

How would you rate your menstrual flow?

What's your go-to during that time of the month?

How's your mood during your period?

Any pre-period symptoms making an appearance?

How would you describe your energy levels during your period?

How's your skin behaving during your period?

Are you in the mood for intimacy during your period?

Do you experience any headaches or migraines during your period?

How often do you get severe menstrual cramps?

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