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Your Personalized Plan to Meal Prepping with Ease





You don’t know where to start

Don’t want to break the bank

Can’t find the time in your busy schedule

Feel overwhelmed just by the idea of being in the kitchen




Well, I'm here to tell you 3 things

1.You CAN meal prep

2.It can be done inexpensively and quick

3.You don’t have to be a master chef to succeed!



All you need is a little help and guidance and that is where I come in!


I’ve created Meal Prep Like a Boss to give you all the tools you need to be as much of a rockstar at meal prepping as you are in life!




This is what you'll master in Meal Prep Like a Boss:


-Getting organized.

-How to eat healthy without counting calories and dieting.

-How to plan your meals for the week.

-Grocery shop to set you up for success.

-Get all the hacks and tools that I personally use when batch cooking to make your time in the kitchen enjoyable (and quick).

-Easy and delicious ways to cook your meals for the week (and to make darn sure you enjoy every bite).

-Most importantly, how to keep healthy cooking exciting as opposed to another chore or diet.




You will also get a The Nutrinut recipe e-book with deliciously easy recipes to get your culinary adventures started on the right foot!


So are you ready to Meal Prep Like A Boss?



For JUST $97 you'll get FULL access to Meal Prep Like A Boss!


This includes:

-1 hour online session with me.

-A personalized plan for your preferences and lifestyle.

-Handouts and other tools guiding you through getting organized, shopping, and cooking.

-Digital planner to keep you on the right track.

-Easy, healthy, and delicious recipe ideas.

-Email support to get you started.

-And more!


Client Reviews

"You have changed my life tremendously!"



"I have absolutely loved working with Raisa. I have learned so much about nutrition, healthy living, and my body. My relationship with food has changed and I am happy to say I quit dieting. I love what I eat everyday and how it makes me feel. Raisa is very patient, dedicated and passionate about anything that relates to health and wellness."



"Anyone that wants to start feeling amazing every single day, this is the way to go!"