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Love Your Body Challenge

Love Your Body Challenge


Welcome to The Nutrinut Love Your Body Challenge!


I am so excited that you are joining me for this challenge, where we bring a little self care into our lives.


What inspired me to create this and share with you is that I found myself getting extremely anxious with everything lately. Especially when talking about business and politics. But do not worry, I most definitely will not dive into any of those two. Because this challenge is about positivity and love. Endless love. For yourself and the world. Because when you nourish and shower your body and soul with love, you are able to spread that energy to the rest of the world too!


So let’s get down to it…


For this week, I challenge you to love your body, mind, and soul! So yes, all of you!

It’s not that we are only meant to practice self care for one week. It’s that I want us to fully commit.




And as an accountability partner of sorts, I want us all to share once we complete our challenge of the day. You can share with a friend, family member, romantic partner, or even with your coffee barista. Whatever works for you!

If you want me to be your accountability partner, take a picture or video, add it to Instagram, and tag thenutrinut.


So let’s spread the LOVE! Are you ready?

Love Your Body Challenge

Day 1

Take yourself out on a date and fully be present in the moment. Yes, that means that phones will be put away. You can go to a coffee shop, the movies, walk to a park, the beach, whatever your little heart desires. This moment is just for you!



Day 2

Let’s become a kid again. What did you like doing as a kid? Today is the day you become your 10-year-old self again. This can mean drawing, playing a game, calling up your best friend, biking, playing ball…well, you get the idea.



Day 3

Choose your top 3 songs and dance to them like nobody’s watching. Now for those that really don’t care for dancing, just sway from side-to-side or even tap your toes. Loosen up and release all that tension from the day while blasting your jams.



Day 4

Cuddle up with a good/inspiring book! If you are already reading something you are enjoying, then carve out some time today to fully enjoy it.



Day 5

A good bubble bath is the key to unlocking your inner superpowers. I mean go all out here! This includes aromatherapy, Norah Jones playing in the background, and candles (in a safe way). And if by any chance you do not have a tub, may I suggest a foot soak.



Day 6

It’s baking time! This one is not so much about you showing off your awesome cooking skills. Although more power to you if you are quite the little chef! This self-care act is more about reconnecting with yourself. If you are not too comfortable with baking from scratch, get a boxed baking option (I won’t tell if you don’t 😉 ). After your baked goods are ready, fully enjoy a slice (or cookie) and make sure to share the joy with your loved ones too! There’s nothing better for the soul than sharing something with those you love.



Day 7

Get a massage. Here you don’t necessarily have to go to a spa to get a massage. You can ask a partner for a massage or even give yourself one. Yes, I can hear some cracking some jokes. I don’t blame you. I do that all the time too! Buuuut, there’s an actual practice in traditional Indian Medicine or Ayurveda called Abhyanga. In a nutshell, this practice is about massaging your body with patience and love. It is believed that Abhyanga is equivalent to showering yourself with love. So find your favorite oil, and show your body a little love.



Remember, just because this is a 7-day challenge, it does not mean that we should get back on autopilot and make self care just an afterthought. It should always come front and center. Who knows, maybe you enjoyed so much this week that you’ll make it your routine. 😉