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Free Resources

The Nutrinut Free Resources

Start your nutrition and wellness journey right here with The Nutrinut free resources. Just for you!

These include all of the tools that I’ve created for you in the past years to help you embrace and nourish your body, mind, and soul in the best way. Because THIS IS self-care. You are worth investing your time and energy in taking care of yourself.

Grab what you need from the below. No strings attached ;).

Recipe E-book – 4 simple recipes that are healthy and also happen to be delicious. This e-book is designed to help you get your toes wet when it comes to the kitchen. As I always like to say, self-care and healing begin in the kitchen, with you cooking your meals. So see you in the kitchen my friends!

Balanced Meals Checklist – To make sure that you are getting in the best possible nutrition in a smart way, make sure that all of the meals you have in the day are balanced. This little freebie not only includes a checklist, but also breaks down the 4 main components to include in all meals and examples of each.

Food and Mood Journal – This is one of my absolute favorite tools to use. Food journals in general are a great tool to help you detect food patterns that you might not have been aware of. This food journal takes it to the next level by asking you to also assess your stress, hunger, and symptoms around your meals. Use this freebie to play detective and find what foods have been triggering you.

4 Weeks of Self-Love Challenge – I created this one to help you stay committed to yourself for an entire month. It includes daily little steps that you can take to help improve your overall nutrition and lifestyle.

5 Diet Mistakes – These include the main diet mistakes you’ve been making and how it’s been playing a role in impacting your self confidence. This freebie also includes how you can start changing that today!

The Feels Check-In – When you start making nutrition and lifestyle tweaks, it can be challenging sometimes to assess your progress. For the most part, we look at weight to detect if whether we’re succeeding. But this little weekly check-in will help you see and track the REAL progress.