Break Up With Dieting

Break Up With Dieting

Virtual Nutrition Coaching

Want to know WHY you’re not losing weight?

Because you’re doing it all wrong…

It pains me to be the one to say it. But someone has to and it might as well be me. Because I care about you and your happiness.

The first (and main) mistake that you are making is dieting and working out as a way to fix things you don’t like about yourself. It’s coming from a place of fear, shame, guilt, judgement, and being unhappy with your body and self.

Why is this wrong? I’m glad you asked!

This is not a good or strong enough reason to help you stay consistent. And it especially doesn’t help you make the best decisions – you know, the ones that are in your best interest. Fear might be A TYPE of motivator. But LOVE is the STRONGEST force out there.

And remember, if you don’t love your body now, you most certainly won’t love it once reaching whatever goal you set for yourself. There will always be something different and new to fix.

So ask yourself, when is it enough?

Well, the good news is that this is FULLY in your hands. You have the power to put a stop to this madness. And I am here to help you get there! Because eating healthy and in a way that fully nourishes your body is AMAZING. But it also has to come from a place of self-love.

This is why my nutrition coaching style is different. Because we don’t only work on giving YOUR body the BEST nutrition through wholesome and deliciously simple foods. We will also work on creating a loving relationship with your body and food so you can finally unlock your true potential! THIS is the key for LIFE-LONG LASTING changes.

Break Up With Dieting is

1.Falling in love with your body.

2.Embracing food as nourishment and self-care.

3.Letting go of fear, guilt, and judgment when it comes to nutrition.

4.Learning what foods are currently affecting how you feel every day and how to make the tweaks in a healthy way.

5.Getting organized for life-long success in healthy eating.

6.Optimizing your nutrition in a delicious, simple, and wholesome way!

The Nutrinut Difference

When it comes to health gurus and experts, the options out there are endless! Which is why I wanted to share with you The Nutrinut difference.

This is what my clients get from working with me:

-I do not rush from client to client. This is EXTREMELY important to me. I don’t want to ever have to rush my sessions with you. There will be days where we’ll need extra time. And that’s what you’ll get.

-I only work with a limited number of clients at a time – this allows me to give you my FULL attention.

-You have direct access to me in between sessions to ask questions and share comments and wins! I love hearing from you.

-My one-on-one program works on both: body love AND eating in a way that helps you thrive and feel better (in a deliciously freeing way). Because both are pretty important.

-I’m fully invested in your success and am always on your team!

Are you ready to end this dieting madness and begin your beautiful transformation?

Great! I’m totally here for you. Book your FREE discovery call to start your journey to eating in a way that’s in alignment with your body, mind, and soul – one that’s freeing and loving.

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