About Me

Hello world! My name is Raisa, international nutritionist from Brazil. I want to welcome you to The NutriNut and invite you to join me on a journey in exploring what it means to eat well, live fully, and love endlessly!

My path in wellness started once I decided to go to nutrition school for my undergrad. At the time I was living in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. I am so grateful for every moment I lived in that city and for every second I spent in nutrition school. Although I also completed a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, my undergrad is where I learned the basics about nutrients, healthy eating and where my love for food deepened. But it’s only a few years back that I learned about functional nutrition and the healing powers of food. And that just took my nutrition journey to the next level. Allow me to share with you the three areas that make up the NutriNut.


The NutriNut Philosophy


Eat Well

It turns out there is quite a difference between eating a bowl of mac and cheese when compared to a bowl of quinoa, steamed spinach and mushrooms topped with a delicious homemade pesto. And it has nothing to do with gaining weight. It’s actually quite incredible that every time we enjoy a meal, it’s a new opportunity to nourish every single cell of our bodies. And it’s up to us to choose whether we provide our bodies with beautiful rich nutrients or not. It’s also fascinating that we can heal our body through foods. Feeling a little under the weather? Prepare a nice cup of tea with a couple of slices of orange and lemon, a dab of cinnamon and ginger and top with a little manuka honey. You’ve got yourself a potent immune booster! Learning to eat well is key for having an energetic and incredible day.

Live Fully

Eating fresh and nutritious is half of the race. But there’s also other factors that make the nutrinut, the nutrinut. And although I can talk a little about how my morning runs with my little diva dog (Carrie) are the perfect way to start the day, I find that embracing meditation is what changed my life. I learned about living in the moment and especially about shifting my mindset. You see, the mind is a powerful thing. And to quote Henry Ford “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you are probably right.” You only have one life, and only live that moment once. So why not live each moment fully. As if it were your first and last. Because it truly is!

Love Endlessly

Love! How many beautiful ways can we love. We love our family, friends, significant others, and even have room in our heart for our little furry friends. But we forget that we also need to remember to ALWAYS make room for a very special person. That person is you! Love all your qualities and love even more all your flaws. Because we deserve it so much my nutrinutters. And this is a lesson that takes time and constant reminder. But we owe this to ourselves.

So I once again welcome and invite you to join me on this journey. A journey of exploring what healthy eating means and how the right nutrients can change your life. Learn to embrace wellness techniques for a healthier you and to love yourself endlessly.

Degrees & Certifications

Bachelors of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Masters of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University (FIU)

Certificate of Training from Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (IFNA)

Integrative Life Coach Certification from Integrative Wellness Academy (IWA)