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ORGANIC INGREDIENTS + eco-friendly packaging.

About Seed Cycling

Periods don’t have to suck!

That time of the month doesn’t have to be about painful cramps, moody rollercoasters, “unbuttoned pants” type of bloat, or even the time to cover-up pimples. And nutrition is key for a smooth and healthy period.

Seed cycling is a simple, food-based way of supporting every phase of your menstrual cycle. By rotating different seed blends, it naturally provides vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support your hormones
and full cycle.

How to Start

about the nutrinut

Our Mission

Period love!
The narrative that the menstrual cycle is a source of shame and something that weakens us is so passé and needs to go. Our cycle is our SUPERPOWER!

Being the seed of change
We are a part of nature and taking care of our much loved home (planet Earth) is of utmost importance.

The healing powers of food
Nutrition is self-care for the body and soul. It’s not about diets or restrictions. It’s about wholesome nourishment.


We believe in taking care of Mother Earth. So this is a little bit about The Nutrinut Seed Cycle packaging:

Our stand-up pouches are 100% COMPOSTABLE.
Our labels are FSC certified + use soy-based inks.
Our boxes are from 100% recycled material + are compostable.