How & Why I Went Plant-Based

I wish that I had a clear memory of when I decided to make the plant-based switch. But unfortunately, I don’t. It kind of just happened honestly. This is my story…

How it started

Growing up, the most important component of my plate was always the protein. Whenever I had to make the decision on what to have for lunch or dinner, it would always begin with should I have chicken or meat? A little by the way, fish was never my first (second, or third) option.

When I got into nutrition school, things started to change a bit. Yes, you have tons of classes on the science around nutrients and how food affects our health. But you also learn where food comes from. And THAT can be a terrifying journey. Because with our modern (and privileged) way of life, we very rarely have to think about how our food ended up at the store and on our plate.

As you might already imagine, it all began with my heart completely breaking every time I watched or read about how animals are treated. Not only at the moment where their life is about to end, but throughout their lives (if you can even call that living). So towards the end of nutrition school, I started avoiding meat and chicken. Because it hurt a little more each time I had it.

At the same time, I also started to feel like I was out of options when it came to food. And because of that, mealtimes became less and less exciting.

I gave up meat and felt stuck

I decided to add fish to the menu. It was far from being my favorite, but I felt stuck. And beans couldn’t possibly be my only source of protein. A little fun tidbit about me here – I HATED beans for most of my life. So you can imagine the horror of thinking that beans were my only way out. I did later understand that my dislike for beans came more from a consistency thing than flavor, which was a very helpful and enlightening discovery. Because it was an easy fix.

For a couple of years, I identified myself as a pescatarian. People always want you to define what you are, especially if you are in the nutrition industry. That’s when the magnifying glasses really come out to inspect every thing that goes into the plate.

Did adding fish solve my lack of enthusiasm over my dishes? Nope!

But I chose to ride the pescatarian wave for a while to make things easier for me. The thing is, I’ve always loved food. And the thought of no longer finding it a joyful experience wasn’t right.

Being in the nutrition and wellness industry has its big perks. For starters, depending on the type of nutritionist you are, it’s part of your job to find new recipes and ideas. Luckily, this was part of my first 9-5 job. I’d research new recipes for the company’s blog and end up trying different things.

I think this is where things really changed for me. I started to discover a bunch of new vegan bloggers/chefs and noticed that they brought on their creative game to TRANSFORM plants into magical creations. And there it was – the excitement and curiosity slowly appearing once again…

I invested on a few vegan cookbooks and started to learn and explore in the kitchen. Till this day, the fact that cashews when blended with water and spices make THE BEST cream still blows my mind.

Am I vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious, plant-based?

Am I vegan? Nope. Do I consider myself a vegetarian or plant-based? I mean, I guess. It all depends on how one defines it and the debate can get quite heated. Which is why I’m not a fan of boxing myself in anything if I am being honest. It’s the rebel soul that lives inside of me. But if I had to classify myself as anything, I’d say this:

  • Food lover
  • Animal lover
  • Planet lover

In no particular order. They are all important and a part of who I am.

The point is, I found my path when it came to nutrition. One that’s in alignment with my soul and my taste buds. Because having meat was no longer in alignment with my soul. And eating boring food was definitely not in alignment with my taste buds.

I invite you to find your path. One that’s fully in alignment with who you are. And remember, there’s more than one way of doing things. Nutrition and food is never black and white. It’s a colorful journey filled with delicious magic!

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