3 Reasons You Should Organize Your Pantry

I love a good makeover show – whether it’s wardrobe, house, or pantry. I get a rush from seeing transformations happen before my eyes. It opens doors to new possibilities I never considered before.

And when talking about pantries, there’s nothing more satisfying than those before and after’s. Going from a hot mess of piled cans to an organized visible heaven with a touch of minimalism. It’s in the baskets, pantry inserts, spice racks, and reusable mason jars.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a super organized person. In fact, I typically find myself overwhelmed with things around the house. But I can tell you that nothing feels better than doing something about that which causes you stress – like a messy pantry.

Which brings us to our 3 reasons why you should organize your pantry.

It’s therapeutic

Clutter is a recipe for disaster for the mind. Being surrounded by chaos can really become an added stressor in our lives. One that let’s face it, we simply don’t need. And yeah, most pantries have a door that can keep your little messy pile hidden away from the world and your eyes. The only problem is that the pantry is where we keep our survival kit – food! So it’s not like it can be avoided for more than a day or two.

What’s the solution? Don’t run away from your messy problems. Dive into them and take care of it. The act of cleaning and organizing, although it might initially feel like a chore, can actually be quite therapeutic. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Put some music that makes your soul sing, download 6 Simple Steps to An Organized Pantry and let the magic happen!

You’ll cook more

Having a well-stocked and organized pantry can really set you up for success when it comes to cooking. We tend to think of cooking as something we mainly do with fresh produce. BUT the pantry really is where it’s at. In fact, you can make easy nourishing meals just by using what you have in your pantry.

The pantry is where you keep beans, chickpeas, and lentils. These are all lovely sources of plant-based protein and fiber and can be converted into amazing options like soups/stews, patties, and even wraps (you have to try this amazing Red Lentil Wrap recipe!)

It’s also where you keep your grains and cereals – my favorite being oats! Oats are not only for oatmeal, but they can make just about anything. Don’t believe me? These are just some ideas of what you can make using oats/oat flour:

  • Overnight Oats
  • Gluten-Free Pizza
  • Chickpea Nuggets
  • Granola Bark
  • Fiber-Rich Smoothies

All these recipes can be found on The Nutrinut YouTube.

Nuts and seeds also are great pantry essentials to adding crunch, flavor, and nutrition into dishes. They can also be transformed into nut butters, dairy-free milk alternatives, and plant-based mock-meats.

Spices, oils and vinegars are also all stored in our pantries. They are main players when it comes to bringing dishes to life.

As you can see, the pantry is where all the action is at. But not if you don’t know what you have in there! It has to be “user friendly”. You have to be able to see AND access what you have or it’s just going to sit there collecting dust. Therefore, it’s time to put a stop to years and years of neglect and to start seeing your pantry for what it is – ESSENTIAL!

Saves money

The pantry is where you keep ingredients that are usually much cheaper than let’s say your veggies. Pantry items also have longer durability, meaning you can buy in bulk! But that’s not the only reason why longer durability translates to saving money.

Unlike your fresh produce that goes bad within the week, chances are that pantry items will take a lot longer to spoil. Food waste is a big problem worldwide. It’s estimated that about 1/3 of the food produced ends up in the trash. Which is not only harmful for the environment, but also your pocket. Food in the trash is money down the drain.

But just because it’s a pantry item, this does not mean that it never goes bad. Which is where keeping an organized pantry makes all the difference. How easy you store things will make the difference when it comes to whether you remember to use it or not. Also, applying the technique “First In, First Out” will help avoid you leaving the items with shorter expiration dates in the back. Whatever expires first, should always be used first.

Are you ready to have a dreamy pantry that works for YOU and your needs? Click on the link below to download your free e-book that will teach you step-by-step how to go about organizing your pantry in a simple way!

Organize Your Pantry In Just 6 Simple Steps!

Having a well-stocked and organized pantry is KEY not only to cooking more but also in doing so with ease. In this e-book, you’ll get a step-by-step roadmap to organizing your pantry in a way that will set you up for success in your kitchen!

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